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A story from Gaza

3 August 2014

Yesterday, I rediscovered a story of real life from the Shaja’iyya district of Gaza.

The small tale was written twenty years ago by Diala Khasawneh for her book Memoirs Engraved in Stone: Palestinian Urban Mansions, published by the Riwaq Centre for Architectural Conservation (Ramallah, 1995) – and republished by the Institute for Palestine Studies (Beirut & Washington, 2001). The original ISBN is 0887282792, the updated ISBN13 is 9780887282799. There’s a review of the book here, and it is still available from Amazon and (better) direct from the publisher here. It is beautiful; I recommend it highly.

And the story serves as a small reminder that Palestine, and Palestinians, had – and still have – a life beyond the demands of the news agenda. They are more than just tragic victims of violence and death, more than fiery-eyed zealots and filthy-faced children, more than weepers and fighters and shouters and haters and trudgers and starers and pleaders and beggars and trembling frightened survivors.

It is a place, and they are people.

Click on each page to enlarge.

gazahousep1 gazahousep2 gazahousep3 gazahousep4 gazahousep5 gazahousep6

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7 Comments leave one →
  1. 3 August 2014 11.55am

    Thanks for posting this Matthew. The world needs more reminders that Gaza “is a place, and they are people.”

  2. 3 August 2014 12.16pm

    Indeed. Thanks, Jon.

  3. 3 August 2014 12.20pm

    Thanks for giving us a bird’s eye view on a typical life in Gaza.

  4. 3 August 2014 12.52pm

    Thank you. How sad it is there is no peace for the place or the people.

  5. 3 August 2014 6.18pm

    Sad indeed.

  6. 31 August 2014 12.08pm

    Some of my friends are Palestinians, they’re nice…
    They deserve the right for freedom,…

  7. 1 April 2015 3.16pm

    thank for this article Matthew, are you tried to visit egypt before ?

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