Aerial shot of a particularly messy car park, right?


Almost. That is, in fact, the main Nile Corniche road running north-south through central Cairo, as seen from my hotel balcony earlier this year. I watched for ages.

Try and figure out what each driver is trying to do. Such spirit. Such a delicate dance between order and chaos.

Here’s a wider view. It’s even better.


And this is what I saw when I lifted my head.


Mother of the world, they call Cairo.




13 thoughts on “Chaos theory

  1. Very nice snapshots, Matthew! My own close encounter with Cairo’s traffic is engraved in my memory – and not just because I described it in ‘Views from a Cruise’, but because of the sheer, unbelievable fatalism of the drivers, insh’allah, and their willingness to gamble their lives and those of others.

  2. amazing point of view…
    it is definitely something one has to see to believe :)

    my only question is where are the people?! were they all in Tahrir?
    it would only be real if there are 1573 people crossing the street at the same time, crowding the cars and taking their time :)

    you’ve been quite recently, hope all is well?

  3. “Relax mister, this is Egypt” – one old man, taxi driver said to me amidst of some central square in Cairo once upon a time. This is not a traffic jam, this is Egyptian style of driving. Thank you for your post!

  4. Its pathetic to even know that there is soo much unwanted traffic all over the world nothing seems to be in order specially when lunatics are driving vehicles on the road. for god sake this is 21st century people should have a better brain.

  5. Hahaha … this is amazing …. add some motorbikes and it could be any street almost everywhere in Asia… But even if it is unimaginable for us, it is probably safer than the traffic back home.

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